Student registration municipality Nijmegen

Foreign students who have been accepted into a study program in Nijmegen are eligible for Dutch residency for the duration of their course. You will need to register with the municipality (gemeente) if you will stay at least 4 months in the Netherlands.

make appointment

make appointment Het inloggen is geannuleerd.

How do you make an appointment:

  1. Click on the green button 'make appointment'
  2. Click on the green button 'ok'
  3. Click on the green button ‘Ga naar stap 2’ (= go to step 2)
  4. Click on one of the available dates in the schedule (February 15 till February 26)
  5. Click on a time in the dropdown menu. Click on the button ‘Ga naar stap 3’ (= go to step 3)
  6. Please fill out the boxes with a ‘*’ you see on the screen, with the following information. These are obligatory.
    • Achternaam (= surname)
    • Geboortedatum (= date of birth dd-mm-yyyy)
    • Telefoonnummer (= telephone number) (if your telephone number is not accepted, fill in 10 times 0)
    • E-mailadres (= email address)
  7. Click on 'Ga naar stap 4' (= go to step 4)
  8. Click on ‘Bevestig afspraak’ (= confirm appointment) if the details you see on the screen are correct. If these are not correct, click on the button with the pencil and  the word 'Wijzigen' (= change) and make the necessary changes before clicking on ‘Bevestig afspraak’ (= confirm appointment)
  9. You will receive a confirmation in Dutch of your appointment by email. In this email, there are also links with which you can change (‘ik wil mijn afspraak wijzigen’) or cancel (‘ik wil mijn afspraak annuleren’) the appointment if necessary.
  10. Click on ‘Sluiten’ (= close) to close the window.

Bring with you to your appointment:

  • Valid id (passport/ identity  card/ residence permit) and a colour copy of your id (in case of a passport copy all used pages)
  • A rental or purchase contract of the house you want to be registered in and a colour copy of the contract
    permission from the main inhabitant (signed with date + a signed copy in colour of an identity card or passport)
  • If applicable: a print out in colour of the approval letter of your MVV and/or VVR (received as an attachment to the email ‘MVV and/or VVR application assessed positively')

Location appointment:

Address: Mariënburg 30
6511 PS Nijmegen