Voting as non-Dutch for the European Parliament

Do you live in Nijmegen? And do you have a non-Dutch nationality of another country of the European Union (EU)? If you want to vote in Nijmegen you must fill out a declaration form. We must receive the form by April 23, 2024. Then, you will receive a voting pass in May 2024 to vote in the election of the European Parliament. Fill out the declaration form online or use the print form.

Online form via DigiD Het inloggen is geannuleerd.

Print form (pdf)

If you use the print form: fill out the form and send it with a copy of your passport or identity card to:
Gemeente Nijmegen
Bureau Verkiezingen
Postbus 9105
6500 HG Nijmegen


To be allowed to vote in Nijmegen on June 6, 2024, you must meet the following conditions:

  • On April 23, 2024 you are registered as a resident of the municipality of Nijmegen
  • You are allowed to vote in the Netherlands or in the country of your nationality (not excluded from voting rights)
  • You sent us the completed declaration form

Cancel your registration

In case you want to vote in the country of your nationality at the next European Elections, please cancel your voting registration. To cancel your registration contact us and report to the government in your country. When you deregister from the Netherlands, your voting registration will be deleted from the BRP.