Nijmegen Green Capital 2018: English version

In the Award Ceremony in Ljubljana, the present Green Capital 2016, the EU commission announced Nijmegen on the 22th of June as the Green Capital of Europe in 2018.Nijmegen competed with the cities of Umea (Sweden) and Den Bosch. 


The jury report

About Nijmegen the jury said:
“Nijmegen presented a passionate, clear and persuasive vision of their city as a Green Capital winner, and of how they would act as an ambassador for the green city movement across Europe if they were to win the Award. The jury was impressed by Nijmegen’s engagement of a wide range of stakeholders from the city. The Jury was also impressed with how the city showcased and presented their strengths, including on cycling infrastructure, traffic organisation, and clean public transport, as well as their excellent approach to waste management. The city also framed the strategic plan well within the wider EU level and global sustainable urban agenda.” 
Read the whole juryreport. 

Nijmegen for ever Green

Nijmegen has proven to be a city in which many sustainable measures have been realized. Not only by the municipality, but also by companies, housing corporations, knowledge institutes and of course many citizens of Nijmegen. Thousands of homes are insulated and already more then 15.000 solar panels have been installed on roofs. The city uses fifteen per cent less gas and electricity in comparison with 2008. With the new district heating network thousands of homes are supplied with warmth from the waste incinerator plant ARN. There are 43 kilometres of cycle superhighways, the busses are riding on green gas and we have appealing projects as the Korenmarkt, Campus Heijendaal, Dike relocation Veur-Lent and Nijmegen embraces the Waal.

Green Capital Award 2018

The selection of a city to be awarded as European Green Capital for 2018 has been assessed on the basis of twelve environmental indicator areas (you find them on the bottom of this page). In the juryreport you can read more background information about the application for the European Green Capital Award 2018. 

The 12 indicators

These are the documents Nijmegen put together