Work for refugees from Ukraine

Are you permitted to work?

From 1 April 2022, all refugees from the Ukraine who are eligible under the European Union’s temporary protection order can perform paid or volunteer work. You need the following:

  • Temporarily protected resident status. You obtain this through the immigration and naturalisation service (IND) after registering in the personal records database (BRP). If you did not receive this document yet, a document showing your nationality is sufficient until may 30th 2022
  • Citizen service number (BSN)
  • IBAN bank account number

If you are going to perform paid work:

  • You will receive an employment contract
  • You will have the same rights as Dutch employees, such as the rights to an appropriate wage, a safe workplace, breaks, holiday time, and holiday allowance
  • Do not accept cash payments for your wages. Request that your wages be deposited directly into your bank account and ask for a pay slip or wage statement

Please note:
Working affects how much money you receive for living assistance. You are required to report your work to the municipality where you are staying.

If you are performing unpaid/volunteer work:

  • The organisation where you are working must have a volunteer statement
  • You will receive a volunteer agreement
  • The volunteer work must be in the general interest of society. Volunteer work at community centres or churches is a good example
  • Volunteer work is not regular work that requires payment

More information about work in the Netherlands? Make an appointment with WerkBedrijf

Are you a refugee from Ukraine? Would you like to learn more about working in the Netherlands and what is important when you work here? You can find out more during an appointment with WerkBedrijf Rijk van Nijmegen. If you do not speak English, please bring a translator with you.

To make an appointment:
T: 024 - 751 75 00

Visiting address
Nieuwe Dukenburgseweg 21a, 6534 AD Nijmegen

I want to start my own business in the Netherlands

If you prefer to start up your own business in the Netherlands, please report to the Ondernemerspunt (entrepreneurial services) of Nijmegen.

Conditions for the employer

  • You are allowed to employ people who have fled from Ukraine (contract)
  • You have to report the employee two working days prior to the start of the working activities at UWV. Als you have to report the working hours and location

I am an employer and am looking for employees

Please contact WerkBedrijf Rijk van Nijmegen in this regard:
Robert Vermeij
T: 06 - 251 044 58


The allowances for refugees from Ukraine (leefgeldregeling) will stop for you, if you start working. It does not matter how high your income will be. 

  • If you are staying in a private shelter, you will also not receive the extra housing part of the leefgeldregeling anymore
  • Your family members living with you, keep their right on receiving allowance
  • You have to insure yourself against care expenses (zorgverzekering)

More information? Zie dit nieuwsbericht van het Rijk (30 maart 2022)(in Dutch).