Textual representation of the infographic


  • 200 large and small congresses, lectures and festivals
  • 14,000 professional receptions
  • 71,000 visitors at Green Capital events
  • 16,000 visitors at the pavilion
  • 20,000 mentions in posts on social media
  • 5 large public events in the inner city and activities in all parts of the city

The bill


DescriptionAmount in euro
Organisation774,000 euro
Execution and production690,000 euro
Hospitability and pavilion434,000 euro
Means of communication397,000 euro
Own productions532,000 euro
Contributions to others675,000 euro
Challenges 2018 and neighbourhood initiatives389,000 euro
Total 3,890,000 euro


Total coverage: € 3,890,000

 Municipality of Nijmegen

CoverageAmount in euro
Extra budget1,300,000 euro
From regular budget sustainability640,000 euro


CoverageAmount in euro
Province of Gelderland1,360,000 euro
European Commission95,000 euro
Sponsoring and external contributions (cash)495,000 euro


  • 243 circular bus stops and benches 
  • 7 certified eco-schools among which a campus
  • 1,000 visitors discover circular model home
  • 1,000 picnickers on the Waalbrug
  • 10,000 trees planted
  • More than 10% increase in principal bicycle routes
  • 5,000 beers made from rainwater
  • 2,000 visitors at sustainability cafes

Green together

  • 200 signatories support the Green Capital Manifest
  • 23 sponsors
  • 21 official partners
  • More than 100 initiators through the Green Challenges and Kleurrijk Groen
  • Thousands pupils, students and volunteers participate
  • 190.000 paving stones removed and replaced by plants and trees

Sustainable achievements

  • European cities signed Call for Action
  • Nijmegen presents call for action at Katowice climate change conference
  • Initiatives: transition lab economy and energy, diaper recycling, Ring-Ring for the food bank, network biodiversity, circular procurement Malderburchstraat i.a
  • 4,8 million euros for gas-free neighbourhoods
  • 3 covenants signed: sustainable inland navigation, Green Deal sustainable care and agroforestry

In the news

  • 6,5 million euros pr value
  • More than 100 international websites posted messages about Nijmegen Green Capital
  • Widely reported from national daily newspapers to neighbourhood newspapers
  • 90% of countries worldwide visited the website
  • 15 different countries devoted attention to Nijmegen on television


  • 25 visits from the king, ministers, members of parliament and state secretaries
  • More than 100 visits from groups and working visits from all over the world
  • 40% of visits to the pavilion were international 

Entrepreneurship, tourism and congresses

  • 174,000 visit partner events
  • 65 restaurants have vegetarian dishes on the menu
  • 26 events sign sustainability manifest 
  • Gold Award Green Destinations and BT Award circular region
  • More than 4,000 extra hotel bookings

Results city panel

Research awareness and appreciation

  • positive 42% 
  • neutral 38%
  • negative 20%


Growth from 28% to 86%


  • 80% of Nijmegen resident is neutral/positive
  • 24% is sustainably inspired