Tips for (new) students

Useful tips and websites for finding your way around Nijmegen and getting your things in order quickly

  1. Are you looking for a room? There are several ways to go about looking for a room in Nijmegen. You can register via Student Housing Nijmegen, but you can also visit the Radboud University and the HAN websites for more information on how to search for a room. Renting a room with a landlord or -lady is another option, check for example Hospi Housing. International students can also get help with finding accommodation through Student Housing Nijmegen.
  2. Did you find a room? Congratulations. Check out the Dutch Rent Commission website to make sure you are not paying too much. Do you, as a tenant, have issues with your landlord? Then Huurteams Nijmegen can help you free of charge
  3. Moving house? Then you have to get a lot of things in order. It is important to register your relocation with the municipality. You can use your DigiD to do this make sure you do this 4 weeks before you move until maximum 5 days after
  4. On the Into Nijmegen website, you can find everything there is to do around the city: cinemas, theatres, museum, shopping, days out and much more.
  5. Do you want to know to know when rubbish will be collected, where the recycling centre is or other information about rubbish? You can see how rubbish collection is organised in Nijmegen on the Dar website
  6. Want to park your bike for free? Nijmegen has 9 bike parks in and around the centre. Note: they are free unless you leave your bike overnight
  7. Your home is a safe place and your belongings are important. Tips to reduce the risk of getting burgled
  8. Lost a phone, key or something else? What a pain. Take a look at 'Gevonden of verloren voorwerpen' (Lost property). Also read the ‘Exceptions’ heading carefully.
  9. Check out the fire brigade website for information on how you and your landlord can work together to fireproof your house.

New to Nijmegen?

Welcome to Nijmegen. Get to know the city and your new neighbours. A large number of students live comfortably alongside Nijmegen’s residents. Would you like to feel at home in your new neighbourhood right away? Then we have a few tips for you. We hope you enjoy your time in your new neighbourhood. 

  1. We like to say ‘Hoi!’ to everyone. Neighbours like to chat with you in the street or supermarket. You will quickly become aware of what is going on in your neighbourhood and who lives around you
  2. Take some of your classmates or housemates to explore your new neighbourhood. Discover the best chip shop, a nice shop or a cosy pub
  3. Did you know that a lot of events are organised in the neighbourhoods? Keep an eye out for posters in your supermarket and take a look at your neighbourhood’s Facebook page. Unfortunately, things are a bit different at the moment owing to the coronavirus. Be considerate of others and what is allowed at the moment
  4. People from Nijmegen are curious; they like knowing who lives next to them. Just go and have a cup of coffee and a chat with your neighbours. They will love it. And it is really convenient. They can accept parcels for you, and will be happy to tell you about when you need to put the bins out. They will also know about the best places to eat and drink