Pages available in English

Translating nijmegen.nl

Do you want to view our website in your own language? Some pages on Nijmegen.nl are already available in English. There are different third party solutions for automatic translation of the other webpages. The right solution for you depends on the browser you are using.

I’m using browser Chrome

Chrome has a built in Google Translate option. Are you using Chrome and this option didn’t pop up? You might have to enable it in the language settings of Chrome. 

Or go directly to nijmegen.nl in English by Google Translate.

I’m using another browser

Most browsers don’t have a built in translation option. Depending on the browser you are using you might need to download an extension, add-on or a plugin.


Please note that using a third party solution may pose privacy risks and that automatic translations may contain errors. The municipality of Nijmegen is not responsible for the quality of automatic translations.

Contact information


Our email address: gemeente@nijmegen.nl

Making a phone call

You can call us from abroad at 0031 24 329 90 00. If you're already in the Netherlands, give us a call at 14 024. You can reach us Monday till Friday from 9.00 till 17.00 hours.

Visiting our offices

If you need to arrange something with the municipality, you may have to visit us in person. In that case you'll always need an appointment: you can make an appointment online or call us.

For most appointment options you can choose from 2 locations: Stadswinkel (Mariënburg 30) or steunpunt Stadswinkel Dukenburg (Meijhorst 7039). The Stadswinkel is located in the city centre. The steunpunt Stadswinkel Dukenburg is located at the edge of the city, in the district Dukenburg.

Our counter for registration for non-residents (RNI) is located at Tweede Walstraat 14 in Nijmegen. This location is also in the city center.