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This page contains information for refugees from Ukraine.

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Questions and answers

I do not have a place to stay. Where can I go? 

If you want to apply for a place to stay in this region, you have to register at the emergency shelter in Utrecht, at Jaarbeurs. You will stay there shortly and will move to a place in the region for a longer period as soon as possible. 

You can travel free of charge (Dutch page) in the Netherlands to your shelter destination upon presentation of a Ukrainian passport or identity card. If the gates at a station are closed, you can go to the service desk for a free day ticket. 

You can find more information on the website of the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) about travelling to the Netherlands as an Ukraïnian (in Dutch). 

Register in Nijmegen. How does it work?

If you have fled from Ukraine and you stay in Nijmegen, you must register in the municipality of Nijmegen (de Basisregistratie Personen - BRP). After that you can apply for the financial arrangement. If you click the green button, you will read more about the conditions, what to bring with you and how to make an appointment to register. 

Note: if you move from the city, you have to inform the municipality. Fill out the form Wijzigingsformulier Leefgeld (pdf) and send it to the municipality. 



I will be relocating (in Nijmegen or somewhere else in the Netherlands). What do I do? 

Fill in the Wijzigingsformulier leefgeld (living allowance change form) (pdf, 608 kb) and send it to Nijmegen municipality. See "I will be relocating". The back of the form has instructions on how to send it in. 

I want to leave the Netherlands. How does that work?

Fill in the Wijzigingsformulier leefgeld (living allowance change form) (pdf, 608 kb) and send it to Nijmegen municipality. See "I will be relocating". The back of the form has instructions on how to send it in. You can make the decision to leave. You can also request assistance upon your return. You can do this trough Dienst Terugkeer en Vertrek (DTV - returns and departures service) or IOM Nederland. See the overview (pdf) to find out which organisations you can contact for different situations. 

How long can I stay in the Netherlands? 

Due to the serious nature of the situation in the Ukraine, no strict term has been applied to this at the moment. Citizens of the Ukraine can travel into the Netherlands with and without a visa. This was agreed between the EU and Ukraine in an association agreement in 2017. Nationally, it has been agreed that there will be no consequences for citizens of Ukraine who stay in the country for over 180 days as the situation is ongoing. You can also read the information in English

Am I entitled to financial support as a refugee fleeing Ukraine?

Yes. More information on the conditions, the amount and how to apply for the financial arrangement is available on the page leefgeld (in Dutch). Please fill in the form and send it to

Where can I register to stay with someone in their home? 

The organisation Takecarebnb matches hosts with Ukrainian refugees. Both can register on their page. The Red Cross, VluchtelingenWerk Nederland and the salvation army (Leger des Heils) support together with Takecarebnb and NLvoorelkaar this form of refugee sheltering. 

I would like to move to a shelter from a municipality. How does that work? 

Do you live a private shelter in Nijmegen (for example a family or host)? Do you want to move to a shelter organized by a municipality? Please fill in this form. The municipality of Nijmegen will contact you as soon as possible. 

Collect proof of residency at the IND

Do you come under the Temporary Protection Directive and are you registered at the Nijmegen local council? Do you need a proof of residency? Then you can make an appointment to collect your proof of residency from the IND with the online appointment tool. At the moment you can ask for a pickup in Den Bosch (‘s Hertogenbosch), Rijswijk and from the 18th of July in Assen. Later most probably more locations will be added. Make an appointment at a pickup location in your area. 

Make an appointment to collect proof of residency | IND

Important information

RefugeeHelp is the online starting point for Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands and everyone who wants to help.

Information from the Dutch Council for Refugees about visa, arrivals, rights and obligations. 

WhatsApp Help Line Ukrainian and English

Questions in Ukrainian or English language? Use the national WhatsApp Help Line of the Red Cross. If Red Cross volunteers cannot help, you’ll get directions where to get help. Call 0031 6 48 15 80 53

Information that may also be of interest to you (in Dutch)